Rawlings Primo

Best glove in the world i think it’s made of italin leather and is great for someone that is serious. This glove looks great and has dual core technology. COST 400$ so it’s a alot of money but it will last forever like all rawlings pro glove.

What’s your dream glove? mine is the Primo I already have a rawlings Pro grey and balck glove this would be an up-grade to a nasty glove.

I like the primo, but my next glove will be a customized HOH. I was leaning to a pro preffered but its still too much for me. That will probably be my next glove.

I use the Nokona AMG1200W American Pro Series.

I love the Wilson A2K that Jonathan Papelbon uses, I’m going to be buying one next year. Primos are really nice though

I’m done with wilson glove they break in to soon and get flopy way to quick and the leather isn’t stiff and durable like I like my leather to be.

The primo is the best glove you can buy and I think I might get it in the future.

I love my A3000 I have right now, its broken in perfectly and isn’t by any means too floppy, and I’ve had it for 2 years.

It goes down to preference though I suppose.