Raw Eggs

I just drank 3 raw eggs before I leave for weightlifting.
Whats the worst that could happen? Is it very likely I’ll get salmonella? And I read they can give me a headache and make me have diarrhea. Anybody know for sure?

Long term consumption of raw egg yolk can make you biotin (Vitamin B7) defficient and actually block its uptake.

I know it is really big amongst serious powerlifters as a faster way to ingest lots of protein and calories. There have been studies that show that taking ginger root along with the raw eggs can kill any bad bacteria and prevent illness.

The main question is- why? Boiled or steamed eggs are just as good nutritionwise. Cook a few on sunday and you are set for the rest of the week.

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Shower took a little bit too long this morning, so I didnt have time to cook them. lol

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