i have some to realize that the main thing that annoys me is that people who post on here over complicate things like this

these are posts from other topics

SIGNIFICANTLY greater amount of time between hip and torso rotation, as much as 7%. IMO, youth players (and even high school) body’s are incapable of making this complex movement. In general they lack the functional strength, flexibility and coordination. Its a teaching point but its a LONG slow process to achieve.

SERiously how much more can you overcomplicate things grab the ball have solid mechanics throw the ball

and another thing i noticed on here is that many people how post there videos have very bad mechanics and if you want to be a good pitcher you have to start there you HAVE to have solid mechanics so if you think lifting or thowing will help you it wont until you get some qulity mechanics

SO my message to all start with the basics and work your way up

You could have put it in off topic but oh well.

What are you saying about people posting with bad mechanics? Thats the whole point. I started here with horrible mechancis and now they’re getting a lot better. I don’t understand whats wrong with that?

I don’t see what you mean about lifting and throwing. If someone posts a video of their mechanics aren’t they trying to focus on their mechanics? How does that mean they think lifting and throwing will make them better?

And do you realize that I can barely read your sentences, you don’t use a lot of punctuation or even capital letters. I’ve said it a thousand times if you expect people to want to read and reply to what you are saying you should at least make it legible to read. Use commas at appropriate times so people can better understand your pauses.

many people how post there videos

What are you trying to say? Do you mean who instead of how? You can try proofreading, the “preview” button works very well.

Theres my rant.

P.S. I hit the preview button and found a few mistakes. Its very easy and makes for a lot better place here.

im sorry we cant all be as perfect as you are.

what im trying to say is this

THERE is no magic bullet so stop looking hard work quality mechanics and a little luck
Build from the ground up if your mechanics look like some peoples on here dont bother lifting its not going to help you unless you get good mechanics
and i agree with rhp…
So people like future kazmir just dont post

This won’t happen again.
Unless your name is Ellis you have no right to say who can and can’t post, talk, make suggestions…
The thread is locked any other post that does it will be deleted.