Range of motion question


within the last year, after visitn my PT (which i sadly no longer attend:() i noticed i could reach up my back with my left arm (non-throwing arm) way higher than my right (my injured right arm) this last month I got serious about getting my arm strengthened, and I feel like i can reach farther up my back now. Is this because my strengthening is working thus im actually increasing my ROM? I had weak rotator cuff muscles, I believe. when I mean reach up my back, I mean take my arm, have my hand on lower back, then reach up to about my neck. thanks in advance.


Yes, this means your rotator is stronger. Baseball Pitchers tend to get one sided rotator cuff muscles since they externally rotate alot. This causes their arms to become stronger internally but not externally. I had this same problem, I have since strengthed my rotator and have made a recovery from my injury.


will i eventually be = to my left arm upon reaching as far up my back from lower back? or will my throwing arm always be lower? thanks. (btw, is it reasonable to say i gained like 6 inches in 1 month?) cuz it used to be i could put hand at back and not move it up at all, now i can move it like 6 inches up.


Your throwing arm will more than likely always endup being lower than your other arm, since you will continue to thro, so your throwing arm will always be naturally more stronger on internal rotation. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t strengthen your external it could help prevent arm problems. I think that 6 inches might be reasonable since you just started, you probably will plateau eventually


k… I hope this means I will have less pain when I throw. I can’t really throw since there is snow on the ground :(. I’m basically doing the throwers 10 with a few other work outs, and the sleeper stretch at least once a day.