Randy Johnson's perfect game

I am looking for a reasonably good, and complete, video copy of Randy Johnson’s perfect game against the Atlanta Braves.

I’d be willing to pay $$ for a copy, and I’d be willing to make the copy myself from your original media and return the original to you.

Alternatively, I’d be willing to barter since I have a fairly decent collection of baseball video and specifically pitching-related video, some of it fairly rare.

Best regards,

Lee Flippin

did you try google search

Did you try MLB.com or the D’Backs website?

What about writing/e-mailing Fox and requesting a copy or it?


Thanks for making suggestions; however, I was really hoping for more than, “did you try this and did you try that?”.

Specifically, if anyone who reads this thread owns a viable copy of the game video that I asked about, I’d like to hear from him (or her).