Randy Johnson retaliates

I was watching the Yankees and Indians tonight and i saw Jorge Posada get hit by a pitch from Jason Johnson and a fued of words insued. Top of the next inning Randy Johnson retaliates for his catcher and throws at the Indians hitter. Any Thoughts on this?

Putting aside the fact Posada may not have had a reason to get so angry i think a pitcher should protect his players. Its a sign of good faith and those players will work extra harder to help you out and do things for you. This is just my opinion though. This is funny to me because just last Sunday my team had an exact situation such as this.

It was great as a Yankee Fan and YES network watcher it showed that Randy had Jorge’s back(even though Jorge over reacted) and the yanks have been getting beaned all year and last year. Jeter has been getting hit often lately as well. My point was that Randy and Jorge have not been on the same page for over a year now and they have been getting along alot better. It also showed that Randy was going to Protect his player.

When Randy was heading towards the dugout he got an ovation and the fans chanted his name! Randy , Randy!

On the flipside of this, Randy was pitching well enough(hit 95 mph a couple of times) to go another inning or two and the look on Jorge’s face after the incident happened showed and proved to me that he over reacted as well.

Sometimes things like this can turn a pitcher around and rally a team!

We shall see how it goes from here on out.

I completely agree. Sometimes certain events such as this can rally a team or even just a few players together. The Yankees, i feel, could use some of this chemistry as some of their stars are going to be out for awhile. Mainly though this may be a thing that gets Randy going. Kruk said last night on baseball tonight that this is some of the fire Randy had when he was with Seattle and Arizone where he was the most dominant lefty of the last 30 years. If he can get anywhere near back to that the Yanks might have a chance.

A pitcher should only retaliate if he feels his player was hit intentionally. I don’t think this was the case. And as for Jeter being hit a lot recently, look where he stands. When he starts his swing he is pretty much on the plate. Anything slightly up and in will hit him.