Randy Johnson mechanics

The Big Unit is an unusual animal, yes? He seems to short arm the ball, yet throws mid to upper 90’s.

I only mention this because I see a similarity between his and my son’s mechanics (from different sides of the rubber). His shoulders are nearly parallel to the ground, and his arm slot is as Chris O’ says, sidearm. Also, he throws a wicked slider. All very similar to my kid. Of course, my kid isn’t 6’10" nor going to get there…

Hose, you are scaring me. You are dealing with a serious shoulder injury, which can get worse and here you are looking to justify? The Unit is the Unit, his kinetic and for that matter genetic string is as different as it can be from Nolan, we all have similarities at points. I mentioned to you previously that in this instance (Where Nolan has his hand “outside” of the ball) it is VERY dangerous for him to continue to throw the slider. I say that because I’ve learned this through experience (My issue was a labrium issue that arose). Now I’m not a guru, I’m not even actively coaching right now, my son is a Jr. and the #1 on his varsity squad, he has worked with (And I’ve studied under) a major league catcher and worked very extensively (Whom I’ve also studied under) with a D-1 pitching coach, that is my bona fides, I won’t tell you to have him throw like anyone or to emulate anyone but I will tell you emphatically that to throw the ball like that is injurious.
I know how and brother believe me when I say Cadad knows, how it eats you up when your kid is injured. I felt like I was in mourning, it’s like your whole world stops. When will it be better? Is he really that injured? How will I know? What about his future? Am I choosing the right doctor? What if we don’t get results? Can I read enough articles on it to understand? Was it me that did this…?
Get him well Hose, let him be fixed. When he is, take him to a reputable pitching instructor, have his mechanics assessed, make the changes necessary so he can continue pain free. Continue his therapy and conditioning, watch and enjoy until he doesn’t want to do it anymore.
Then you can send me a check…humm I think I’ll have about 2% of the signing bonus :lol:

Then you can send me a check…humm I think I’ll have about 2% of the signing bonus :lol:[/quote]

2%? Good agents get 5 or 6% :slight_smile:

Justify? Far from it. Johnson has had shoulder surgery in the past. The reason I brought it up is because I am concerned that my son has similar mechanics and has a shoulder injury, not because I want my son to emulate him.

Attacks of a personal nature seem to be pretty common on this site. I understand that you are trying to show concern for my son’s welfare, and I appreciate that. But I don’t appreciate being accused of taking my son’s health and athletic future lightly.

As it is right now, Nolan isn’t throwing, period. Some light work tomorrow, but only if pain free. The discussion around our house right now is how to get healthy and stay healthy. That may include changing coaches or changing mechanics, or it may mean he has to stop lifting weights or change the type of lifts he does.

BTW, I responded to your concerns about the supination of his forearm and he isn’t allowed to throw the slider. We were working on change ups and fastballs only, before his injury.

Your comments about it eating you up are right on the money. I have a son with a little talent and a long way to go. He plays baseball and football, and wants to excel at both. Its a minefield trying to negotiate through which exercises will help both and hinder neither.

Right now I’m not going to tell him to make a choice between the two. I don’t think it’s healthy to concentrate on only one thing at his age. And he has nearby examples of the costs of choosing one over the other…our neighbor chose to work on football his senior year (they lost the State championship game) instead of baseball and it cost him a D1 scholarship.

I would like to think that a scholarship may be possible, as I think we all would. But my first and most important goal is to take care of my son’s health: physical, emotional, and psychological.

Finally, thanks for your support and interest in a stranger’s kid. Your concerns are my concerns, and I look forward to further conversations in the future.


I’m sorry if you thought I was attacking you. It surely isn’t the case. I’d hope that you would point out to me or anyone else if you were not clear as to a point of discussion. I guess the thing about his wicked slider gave me pause. As I mentioned in the Roger Clemmons Mechs post, the thing I like about this site is that you hear a diversity of opinion as long as it doesn’t stray into personal attack land. Some folks do get passionate around here, but it’s perhaps the tamest board I’ve seen as far as attacks gp…I always point to AOL’s political discussion boards if you really want to see attack. Anyway, I understand the stress and hope everything works out for both of you.


The only thing harder than being a high school pitcher is being a high school pitcher’s father that really wants to see his son have success. These setbacks, being a part of the journey, make the journey distasteful to some. Lending credence to the saying, “If it was easy to do everybody on the team would do it.”

The injury may be directly related to his mechanics but you may also want to look at the “totality of the circumstances” and see if there could be any other reason for the pain outside of the realm of the act of pitching. Football? Or some other natural aspect like growth.

In any event I’m willing to bet he overcomes this and becomes a better pitcher as a result.

Good Luck.