Randy Johnson and the eephus

Did anyone see randy johnson throw the eephus pitch the other day? That was amazing and the batters reaction was priceless.

that would be an epic scene id like to see it on youtube or something haha

Wasn’t that a case where there was some sort of noise that distracted him in the middle of his delivery, so he just lobbed it in, for a strike? I don’t think he was really trying to throw an eephus. Do I have that correct?

Your correct. It was an air horn in the middle of his delivery.

Correct. The pitch was a lob - it didn’t have the high arc of an eephus. But, at the time, the announcers didn’t know what it was so they called it an eephus. At least that’s my take on it.

I believe the noise was a foghorn from a ship in the harbor.

Ahh thats right Roger. Its on MLB.com it was pretty high but I guess I’ve never seen a real eephus.

Does this video load for you all?

It doesn’t for me, just a black screen

Just onw word about that “WOW”

hahahah yes its working for me its such an awkward moment for everyone. hahahaha.

The only way that could have been more priceless is if he had picked up the third strike with it instead of the second. The look on the batter’s face is a real side-splitter, though… “Did he just DO that?!”

it was just a lob… i just saw it on sportsnet.

It’s not like he didn’t hear the horn too.