Random Tiredness

Sometimes when I wake up in the morning my body just feels like staying in bed all day but mentally I want to work out. Then I try getting out of bed and then I feel dizzy and tired when I stand up. I try walking in the house and then I pretty much have to sit down or I’ll pass out. Does anyone know what this is. Also is there a cure for this.

Couldn’t say for sure cause I am not a doctor but you could have mono.?

ehhh im guessin maybe low blood pressure. does ur vision get kinda spaced out then ur head hurts when u get out of bed sometimes?

Not a doctor.

May not be any of the above stuff, could be that your dehydrated. People obviously dehydrate themselves when they sleep, it’s important to get some fluids in you, preferably water, when you get up in the morning. Your body needs water, drink it! It’ll get rid of that sluggish feeling.

this might sound drastic but get a blood test and get your iron level checked…this sounds similar to what I was going through last winter and it turned out to be anemia (low iron level).

Thank you everyone for your comments but how do you get more iron into your body like ROCK was just saying.

if a doctor sees that your iron is low then they will probally put you on an iron supplement depending on how bad your levels are…I say you just get yourself checked out by a doctor a simple blood test could tell alot.

Yeah, I got to say the best thing is to see a doctor. He will tell you what’s wrong and where to go from there. But that is defintely not normal.

Thank you everyone I will now consider having a docter help look further into this

yeah i had this last winter.

anemia. mono.

if you want iron… eat your Green veggies. lots of lettuce. and you can buy pills or one a day vitamins with lots of iron in them.
also, drink lots of water. and sleep.

it’ll go away, eventually, but i would get a blood test.