Random Question

How fast do you have to get a ball, a new one, to whizzz through the air? Whats the minimum Mph. Cause i can barely get it… which means my max speed is probably like 40 lol.

Just wondering. someone with a great arm and a radar gun try it out and get back to me =].


I think the first thing you have to do with a new ball is to get some of that special rubbing mud and rub it up to get the slickness and shine off it.Then you can experiment with it, and odds are you’ll b e able to get more speed. That shine is what gets in the way. 8)

Hahah. Thanks Zita. I can do it pretty easily with a torn up ball, but that just isn’t as satisfying as getting a brand new ball to wizz and pop when you didn’t think you could.

Any more answers out there? Around what Mph is “The Whiz”

I’d say around 75 mph if I had to guess

I think that “whizzing” sound has more to do with the amount of backspin you get on the ball more so than velocity. Four-seam grip is best, of course, but really getting good wrist action is key. You want the ball to spin evenly end over end, etc.

My 10 year old’s curve wizzes. It’s around 45mph. His fastball does not.

Yeah, I would say 70-75mph

Which would go back to what steve said, the amount of spin. I would say with a fastball you’d have to throw it harder to make that some kind of wizz, and 4 seam would be your best choice.

Thanks guys. Explains why my curve whizzes when its 100mph slower haha. (thats right my Big Slow curve is coming together a bit!)

but i still cant pitch with command. School is really holding me back from alot of things. No even wants to play catch.

A few tips on increasing Revs on all my pitches? will short arm work for a fastball? AND i’m not even sure if i’m doing short arm correctly. can someone link me a side by side video or picture so i can see the difference?

Thanks guys.