Raising both hands overhead vs. Compact chest-high pump


Pitchers don’t seem to pump their hands overhead as much anymore in favor of the more compact chest-high pump… all things being equal with the rest of their delivery, would you change a kid who does go overhead?

Max is one pitcher who is overhead. David Price was another but not anymore, I don’t believe.


Max doesn’t seem to pick up his target until his arms are coming back down from the pump. When I was in LL, I had an over the head pump, but I changed to a shoulder high pump in HS due to coaching advice. I never really understood it other than it allowed me to never take my eye off the target during my wind up. Not having my arm cross the path of my eyes twice did help me remain focused on the target a bit more. I don’t think it really matters much. Whichever allows the pitcher to get into his rhythm or tempo is what matters.


Well Scherzer was obviously throwing a gem this game looking at the scoreboard :wink:

I like simplicity in a wind up, but if a kid is throwing fine and not losing focus or throwing his balance off, he can do whatever he wants pre leg kick.


HS coach here won’t allow overhead pump, makes them change. Been some pretty good ones who’ve used, Maddux & Smoltz come to mind.


I don’t worry about an overhead pump. For some pitchers, it helps them establish a rhythm and timing. If it works, don’t mess with it.


I totally agree. What I’ve seen, though, is that most pitching coaches in pro ball will have the pitcher eliminate it, regardless of efficiency or success up to that point.