Raise the Jolly Roger

The Pittsburgh Pirates have a WINNING SEASON !!!
NL Central Pennant race…Playoffs?

TEOTWAWKI :twisted:

Looking for Andrew McCutchen hitting mechanics - YouTube to have a huge post-season.

You’ve got to be ecstatic Dino!

I have been very fortunate this year. I have had some good seats available to watch the Buccos play at PNC park. Even if they don’t win the NL Central and only show in the playoffs…this group will be remembered. It has been a great boost to the City of Pittsburgh. If you have never visited, I am sure you would be surprised at what a nice place it is. PNC Park alone is worth the cost of admission. Throw in McCutchen, Marte, Martin, Alvarez,the shark tank, now Morneau and Byrd…

Yeah…feels good.

JD…if the Buccos can do it. Dare I say it? Maybe some day the Cubbies!

Clint Hurdle…miracle worker and someone who has taught me a whole bunch about baseball (And a very laid back and funny guy)…Should our Whiz Kid figure that out…Look out.