Radar Question - Minor League baseball Family Fun

Principal Financial Group sponsors a traveling Family Fun Fest at Minor League Baseball games. One of the activities is Radar Gun Pitching Challenge. Is anyone familiar with this? How accurate (+/-) would the radar gun be?

Looks to be fun for young kids.

Link to Family Fun Fest


ya they are probaly not accurate at all. Are they honestly getting your speed when it comes out of your hand. That is what a stalker gun does.

Those ones at the ball park probaly work when the ball hits the net then it radars your speed.

I heard from this kid that he throws 65mph and he went to one of those and it said he was throwing 88mph. LOL.

Also i heard this kid throwing 80mph and he threw it and it said he was throwing 55mph. So ya they are probaly not accurate.

I may be wrong though. Just my opinion

The idea behind these events and their activities is to have a good time. Enjoy yourself, be a kid again - and again - and again. Forget about the MPH and rear-back and let it fly… Just don’t hurt yourself in the process.

And if someone asked you … " are you having a ball?" it’s probably because you’re eating too fast. :dozey: (---- yeah, I know, that’s pretty lame…)

Coach B.

They have these “radar gun challenges” at a lot of ballparks, and that includes some major league as well. You’re right, they are a lot of fun, and that’s what they’re supposed to be; you can’t take them seriously because they are woefully inaccurate. Even a good stopwatch is more accurate. 8)

they are not very accurate. even the dodgers ones are off about 2 mph according to vin