radar guns

I was being gunned this weekend at the east cobb complex while pitching against the East Cobb Astros and the guy who was gunning me was using a cheap, P.O.S, $60 radar gun from walmart or something and my ball does move quite a bit seeing as how i throw from a three-quarters arm slot but it said i was throwing high 60’s, low 70’s when this other kid from east cobb was throwing high 70’s, 79, and my catcher said i was throwing harder than him because my catcher was in the line up as well was my ball not being clocked right because of my movement or of the cheap quality radar gun?

It could be that, those radar guns are never totally reliable, also, could you please use a period? :wink:

yes, sorry its just that i dont think it was correct because i know i was throwing harder than that kid from east cobb. Besides that radar gun was only $60. Good radar guns are usually hundreds of dollars.

what kind of radar gun was it??? A bushnell radar gun is about 70$ and uses Radar to track the ball so if the gun is behind the catcher then it’s -+ 1 mph difference. Where was the guy gunning you standing??

ya he was deffinitely behind the backstop not behind the catcher. Also the backstop is probably about 20 feet or longer from the catcher because this was at the east cobb complex and yes it was a bushnell.

Most of the time they are supose to be fine because it’s radar and picks the MPH up fine -/+ 1 mph as long as you are behind direct of the ball path meaning the catcher and with in 90 feet.

So you might have only been throwing around 70-74 that game.

yes maybe but my ball does move a lot and that could have been another problem even the guy with the gun said that wat do you think?

brushnell runs on radar so Movement wouldn’t do to much. Only if the ball is moving feet left and right. So it could just be that you weren’t throwing as hard as you thought that happens alot. Where you throwing at your normal velocity??

no probably not because i wasnt using my legs much even my coach said i wasnt hitting low 80’s so maybe i was just not loosened up enough.

When you say using your legs what are you refering to? So low 80’s is your Norm MPH?

yes my normal velocity is high 70;s low 80’s but i mean driving off the mound like im used to doing.

Ok so you were moving slowwer then normal not the same speed and acceleration off the mound right?

yes i was just off but i pitched well

Same thing happens once and a while to every pitcher you need to get your whole body in shape to pitch. The legs, hips and arm/shoulder are the most important. If the legs and hips are tired then the arm and shoulder can’t rotate fast and the MPH drops alot.

I’m thinking about getting a bushnell should I ? Do you think it would be worth the 70$?

i mean i dont know because most radar guns are way more than $70 so i mean if you want to try it but ive heard that those guns are not accurate at all and are like 7 mph off

The really only difference is bushnell is -/+ 1 mph and the jugs are -/+ 1/2 mph. I would only think they would be off if you don’t stand direct behind the catcher.

o now that i think about it he was kind of off to the side a little because its not legal to be right behind the catcher he was kind of off to the side

Was he off to the side for you and the other pitcher? You might have been throwing around mid 70’s. Bushnell need to be right behind the catcher in at least i would say 90 feet and then they give you a good reading but off to the side will not.

yes it was off to the right of the catcher from behind the backstop he was also off to the side of the other pitcher but it diddnt seem that the pitcher for east cobb was throwing hard get on aim tommorow and we’ll talk about it im tired im goin to bed thx for everything man.