radar guns

Okay, im a sophmore and i wanna know exactly about how hard i throw. but im not gunna spend 2000 on a JUGGS radar gun. what would be a good one to get. are those bushnell sppeedsters pretty accurate or how about the Speed Track Speedcheks. Any advice would be nice, thank you

Maybe you can find a batting cage or other facility where they offer instruction and see if they have a gun and would clock your velocity. You might have to rent a pitching tunnel.

Otherwise, the Bushnell Velocity gun is fairly inexpensive. I’ve seen them for about $79 new on eBay. You might find a used one for even less. Everyone reports that the Bushnells readings are a little bit low. That’s probably because they don’t capture the velocity right out of the hand. The ball does slow down as it travels to the plate.

trust me do not waste your time on the bushnell gun. Where i live they cost about $250.00 brand new. They are complete shit. I compared it to the Stalker radar gun(when i was getting looked at). And our gun was out 3mph. NOt only is it inaccurate as shit but if the gun is 3mph slow then you loose confidence in how hard you actually throw.

But if you want u could buy a cheap one and compare it to an actuall stalker gun. I wouldn’t perfer this idea because the stalker gets your speed 0.1seconds as it comes out of your hand while the stalker is just stupid and doesn’t. So ya i wouldn’t buy one.

If the Bushnell is consistently 3 mph less than a Stalker, why not just use it and add 3 mph to the reading? :lol:

Here’s a video of an experiment we did with a $300 gun.

If you ever want to use a gun for accurate readings during a game, you need to bite the bullet and buy a Stalker or Jugs gun. The cheaper one’s don’t have enough range to be effective. Jugs and Stalker guns have excellent used resale value!

The gun we tested in the video works well for our training purposes. It has a continuous mode, and mounts on a cheap camera tripod. Great for individual work outs. Worthless as a game gun!