Radar guns

Hi again!
It’s been awhile since I’ve posted but I’ve been reading faithfully.
I have a question about radar guns.
What is the difference between the 3 that I’ve heard of:

Is one more accurate than the others? Son was gunned the other day by a Bushnell and it seemed to read on the low side. Any advice appreciated.

scouts use stalker guns, when i went to miami for a camp, they used jugs
both are pretty accurate

I have a Juggs. I have gunned my son and then had him gunned with a Stalker. They both gave the same range he was pitching in at the time. In other words, I gunned him with the Juggs on Friday and he was throwing 81-82. On Wednesday, he was gunned with a Stalker and was throwing 81-82. Have not used them side by side, but I think they are pretty comparable. On the other hand, I have used the Juggs next to a Bushnell and the Bushnell was consistently 5 mph slower.

I would go with something more reliable, acurate and widely accepted than the Bushnell.

What everyone above has said is correct, pro scouts use stalkers. Most college coaches use jugs.

Jugs are fine for getting that ball park area velocity. Jugs are usually 2 mph faster or slower. They let you know what you are generally around.

In the scouting business it is imperative to know exactly what youre getting.

Thanks for your help everybody.

He’ll be happy to hear that the Bushnell consistently reads lower. He thought he had increased his velocity substantially since the fall and it read just 1mph(72) over his Jugs speed (71)taken back then.

So…his Bushnell reading MAY be anywhere in the range of 76-78?

The cheap (bushnell) guns have shorter range. Stalker and Jugs pick up the ball when it leaves the pitcher’s hand. Velocity drops as the ball gets closer to the catcher. If you are setting up behind the catcher, the bushnell won’t “see” the ball as quickly as the pro guns, showing lower velocity.

The cheap guns are pretty accurate if you stand directly behind the pitcher. If you need accurate game speeds, you’ll need a pro gun. If you only need a gun for practices and bullpens, the cheaper guns will work if you gun from close behind the pitcher.