Radar guns built into Baseball

What’s up guys. Haven’t posted in awhile, but have read quite a bit.

I have a question about this Baseball with a radar guns built in. Is it worth it to pay the 20 bucks for this: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001DVYE70/sr=8-7/qid=1268456860/ref=olp_product_details?ie=UTF8&me=&qid=1268456860&sr=8-7&seller=

And also if anybody has bought one of these are these accurate because I really am dying to know what Fastball is now. I’m going to a camp in June and I would like to know the range that I throw before going. So any help or info about this I would appriciate it.

There is a reason radar guns are 100+ and this ball is 20$. I bought one of these back in the day, said I was throwing 85mph on one pitch(I was 12-13 at the time) and the next pitch about the same speed it said 68. Not worth the money, sorry.

lol. Alright I kind of thought I would get a response like this. Cool thanks for your input. :smiley:

They are fun to have but not reliable whatsoever.

I have one, it says I threw 39 on 1 pitch then 212 on the next.

If you aren’t looking to spend money on a radar gun then your best bet to get a rough idea of how hard you throw is the stop watch method.

Those things are erratic and not to mention inaccurate, it measures via the RPMs on the ball, I know this because when I would throw a knuck it would say 1 mph, or 2 mph and the highest it ever went was 7 and when I’d throw a downright perfect knuck with not even a 1/10 rotation it would simply read, error because it sensed movement but had no rotation from which to get it’s info from.

For some people they can work if they put the same RPMs that that ball would measure at that velocity but odds are not many people do that.

if you miss the catcher and it hits something hard, its garbage.

it’s garbage anyway.

those probably arent accurate its better off getting a real radar gun. they sell them at petboys for 100$