Radar Guns Accuracy?


Just wondering how accurate the pocket radar gun, along with the bushnell? Can they actually be up to 9 MPH at times from the Stalker?

Anybody with first hand experience or stories or input would be greatly appreciated.


In my experience about 1-2mph difference if the angles are the same.


I’m guessing it has to do with how quickly the gun is picking up the the target.

I have a Jugs and also a Louisville Slugger Multi-sport radar. The LS is usually within a MPH or two of the Jugs.


@fearsomefour @2022dad Thanks for the input! Not trying to come across as rude or a know it all! But why do the videos that I attached have the two guns being significantly off? I don’t think it has to with the angles because in the video the radars are both directly next to each other. Any guesses?



Well, at the end they refer the watcher to a Stalker company website. It’s a commercial for Stalker.


I believe the cosine error is something close to 1mph for every 5° of movement from the direct path. The further from the release point a radar gun picks up the signal, the greater the cosine error.


The Stalker is far more powerful than either of the other two. By powerful I mean it has much greater range. The other two work fairly well if you are right behind the catcher. The further back you move, the more misreads and non-reads you get. This is not an issue with the Stalker.

In the two videos, the Pocket Radar and the Bushnell are both at or beyond the fringe of their range. The Stalker would work well from another 100 feet back.


Gotcha, but even at 60 feet on both of these tests the Bushnell and Pocket Radar are off by a big margin.


The Pocket Radar Ball Coach is pretty accurate.
Again, the videos are sponsored so, as a testament they are nearly worthless.


I don’t know about the other guns. I have a stalker and it routinely reads slower than what I hear dads say they kids were gunned at. Maybe it’s just a difference in the guns :slight_smile:


That’s a testament to how weak they are. They’re both fairly accurate if you’re standing about where an umpire would stand. But, things go downhill pretty quickly as you move further back.


I’m a PocketRadar v1 user:

If you own and use it often, you get very skilled at timing the release OR use continuous read mode. The later just sucks up batteries like they are M&Ms.

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