Radar gun

I know velocity isn’t the most important thing, but radar guns not only tell you how fast you throw, but help to measure improvement. What are some good types of radar guns that arn’t too expensive?

You’ve got a choice, but remember that you’ll usually get the “quality” that you pay for. Here are some addresses you can go to:

Bushnell Velocity Radar Gun - $69.95 to $139.99 (same gun but price differs depending on from whom you purchase it)
Found at <baseballexpress.com>
Found on eBay under “baseball radar guns” - Sporting Goods

SR3600 Radar Gun- $225.00 to $234.95 (same as above)
Found at <OpticsPlanet.net/radar-gun.html
Found at <Radargunsales.com>

Jugs Radar Gun - $794.99
Found at <baseballexpress.com>

Stalker Radar Gun - $795.00
Found at <Radargunsales.com>

Some of the sites have buyer “feedback” so that you can check out a gun’s specific performance capability. You may also want to contact any one of them via e-mail to ask specific questions about the product.

Lastly, sometimes the local police department, when replacing older equipment, sells its older model radar guns. Perhaps that may be a place where you can find a better quality gun that’s still in good condition at a much cheaper price. Good luck.

how accurate is the bushnell radar gun?


I haven’t used one, but the specs on the Bushnell read as follows:

Large LCD display
Uses 2 “C” batteries
Registers up to 110 mph from 90-100 feet away
+/- 1.0 mph accuracy

As I mentioned previously, you often get what you pay for so have realistic expectations about its capability/accuracy. Perhaps someone who has used one can provide more info.

I presently have and use the Quick Silver Radar Gun. It has worked fine for me providing me with the needed info I wanted to get when working with any of my pitchers. To put it bluntly, though I’d love to have the Jugs gun, my budget just won’t let me purchase one. I’d rather put any “extra” money (as rare an instance as that is) into other baseball items that would be beneficial to our club.

While baseball is of immense importance to me, it’s still a game, not my “job”. To be even more honest…when explaining the bill to my wife, particularly when the money’s coming out of my own pocket, I can justify spending $200-$300 much more easily than I can $800.00.

The consistency of the Bushnell is very good, however the cosine effecct messes with readings

The table illustrates how much of an angle will show a % of the real velocity

Percent Degrees
100 0
99.6 5
98.4 10
96.5 15
93.9 20
90.6 25
86.6 30
81.9 35
76.6 40
70.7 45
64.2 50
57.3 55
50 60
42.2 65
34.2 70
25.8 75
17.3 80
8.7 85
0 90

To further explain: The gun is held to my right, with 0 degrees being dead behind me (I never get readings from there because it seems to pick up body movement or something, and readings are off) Anyways, the gun is set 25 degrees offcenter. The vertex is where it reads the ball, myself and the gun creating the angle. A reading shows up at 68, however if you math it out, the actual speed is a solid 75.

Because of this i have the radar set in the same spot each time, so that I can get more or less “real” readings, and I can compare readings better.

I like the bushnell, but like others said you do get what you pay for

so it works fine if your at a slight angle?

It works fine, you just have to figure the angle if you want a true reading, the same thing happens with police radars, thus most car speeds are slower than actual on their readings, unless they have a great speed trap location.

I like the bushnell it’s you just have to know the effect is there. First time I got it, before I had read the manual, I went out and through. To my dismay I never went over like 62. In my mind I was like their is no way. After reading, the number were fairly accurate (angle was wider than I currently use). We have tried to trim the angle for our setup to the best possible (with fence blocking me from getting to far back)

So where can I get a good reading from behind the pitcher? Do I turn the gun 25 degrees off center?

Any help would be appreciated. We did some reading last night but were way off. I can physically see and feel the velocity difference but the gun was reading about 6 mph slower?

I’d rather take readings behind the pitcher so I do not get hit!!!lol!

Is throwing into a net or screen better?

25 degrees is usually pretty solid (gets you away from body movement/obstruction) At 25 degrees it’s 90%. Thus 54 on the gun is actually 60, and 63 on the gun is actually 70.

Also I assume the radar come in contact a little ways away from the mound. You may choose to factor in the loss of 1mph per 7 feet from the thrower.
(Add it back to the total reading)
That will help you get aligned better with the jugs gun, since it is considered a “fast gun” do to it taking readings right from the hand

Is this the same with all guns or just the jugs because i was throwing 70 on the gun but I though i was throwing a lot harder and i was being clocked from about a 30 degree angle with a bushnell. does this mean i was actually throwing mid 70’s?

If it was a bushnell, then in theory yes, you were actually throwing mid 70’s.

Because you ahve to math things is why I generally only use it for tracking/ monitoring kind of stuff. I would say it can give you a pretty solid and consistent ballpark estimate.

The Bushnell lacks range and it is therefore hard to get consistent readings. If you aren’t going to be able to take readings from right behind a pitcher or at least right behind the catcher it isn’t worth it. I tried a Bushnell and then I finally broke down and bought a JUGS. The difference was night and day.

CADad: I would agree with you completely.

Like I said I only use it to track progress. I have it set up on a tripod, and as long as it is set in the same spot it is consistent (in theory lol).

But in reality true numbers are hard to come up with

I noticed that many professional scouts are using the Stalker sport radar gun these days so I would recommend using this gun with pro-prospects. This gun has excellent range and is very consistent.

The jugs gun is the grand daddy of radar guns and also have great range and consistency. Many scouts still use these guns.

The Bushnell is a great gun for the money. My experience with this gun shows that you really got to be within 10 feet of the pitcher or catcher to get an accurate read. It performs best if your standing behind the catcher at a slight angle. Scouts typically do not use these guns because you have to be on the field to get a good read. However, it is a great gun for a player or coach.

I just bought the Bushnell a couple of days ago after reading this post. And my dad got right behind the catcher at a slight angle and i threw 66. Is this the “actual” speed or is it faster?

I would say this is pretty accurate. If a bushnell is registering 66 then your probably around the 69 range on the jugs gun. Also, make sure you’re using brand new high quality alkaline c batteries, this will make a difference in accuracy.

would the scouts read off a bushnell or jugs. I threw 76 from the bushnell but does that mean the real speed is 79 or is that just the speed a jugs gun would read.

From my experience, the buschnell usually reads a couple mph slower than the jugs for whatever reason. I would assume that the jugs is the more accurate reading because it is a better gun. It is very important, however, that you get more caught up in the quality of your pitches rather than the velocity. Its good to know where your at velocity wise, but if your not throwing at least 80% strikes in your bullpen sessions, then put the gun away until you are. GOOD LUCK!!!

                                      Coach Ryan