Radar gun?

I’ve heard that the Bushnell radar guns read slower than a Jugs guns. If so, by how much?

They don’t necessarily read slow they aren’t as accurate, some because of angle, contrast, etc. It isn’t always slow or fast. The way I have used an inacurate gun is to look at the difference between a fastball and change up or curve ball. The difference is the most important thing vs speed.

My good buddy and former teammate is director of scouting for the Cardinals and I was just talking to him about this about three weeks ago. Stalker are really the only way to go if you want a pro radar gun. He says every major league team uses them now because jugs are too variable. I have a stalker sport and love it. Just remember, the most accurate readings are from straight behind the catcher only.

very true. thanks

Might give this a look.


Bushnells are complete garbage

What does it matter?

What does it matter?[/quote] it matters by if u throw a curve vs a fb so say the curve is at 55 on the radar and the fb is 40 something is very wrong

I’ve heard that some guns are more accurate than others, but I’ve never heard of any that are more than a few MPH different.

But accurate or not, as long as the same person is using the same gun, what’s the difference? Its gonna read the same for everyone.

Acuracy is right, they can be off, but if you use the same setup for a fb and curve then you will know the difference between them.

[quote=“SomeBaseballDad”]Might give this a look.


I have this unit as do some of the high school coaches in the area. It’s kind of tricky to operate at first but seems accurate and repeatable. It’s especially good in a practice environment where you can get directly in line with the pitch.

It’s also very inconspicuous. It looks like a cell phone or small camcorder so it doesn’t draw a lot of attention and become a distraction.

It still doesn’t do the same job as a Stalker but as long as you accept the limitations it does very well.