Radar gun variance?

Hey guys,
in late march this year i was gunned from right behind my shoulder (pitchers view) with a Stalker and it was showing 81-83 mph,
today i was gunned with a JUGS from about 60 feet behind home plate and i was averaging 76 mph but to me it felt like i was throwing harder than ever.

What gives??

It could just be you weren’t throwing as hard as you were before.

Do a search on here for posts by CADad on here or even PM him he might be able to give you a very technical answer.

Hope this helps.


Here’s a bit of “tech talk” on the subject.

Coach B.

ohh alright i got it, so one was reading out of my hand at 82 and the JUGS was reading at the plate at 76.

Thank you poeples