Radar Gun suggestions?

It’s probably been discussed before, but does anyone have any radar gun suggestions? I see that Pocket Radar is pretty simple and accurate. Not looking to spend a fortune, but want something that’s fairly accurate.

I have tried them all and nothing is precise and as accurate as a JUGS or Stalker gun, no matter what the manufacturers claim. Get one on Ebay.

Interesting, thanks for the heads up. Even pocket radar? I saw some good reviews of that, including a video comparing it to one of the industry’s leaders.

I have a pocket radar, a bushnell and a stalker sport II.

The Stalker sport is easier to use for baseball than the pocket radar, and far more consistent/accurate than either the pocket radar or bushnell. The Stalker gets limited ghost readings, has great range, and measures to the tenth of MPH. It’s more expensive, but it’s worth it in my view. You can get it for $499 new, or probably get a used one on ebay for less.