Radar gun question?

Hello everyone, i am new here and i had something interesting happen last night when i was at a minor league baseball game and i have a few questions about it.

THey had a fast pitch game (free tickets if you guess your speed) and some people were in front of me and they threw about 60-63 and i came up and those kids were still there watching. SO i step up and it was about the same distance from mound to plate that it is in little league and it clocked me at 65 and i figured ok thats fine im not anything special…but the kids that threw before me were like “man that was fast! how fast was it?” i told them and they said it was faster and i disagreed and told them we throw the same but they insisted that i didnt.

So i step back further to the regular distance of mound to plate for an adult game and i threw a few mid 70 and then this was the shocker…i hit 81, 87, 85 and a 91…i came back later and threw and 83…i dont know how this was possible. Maybe the kids were right that it threw harder than them but that much? Is the radar gun that inaccurate?

A bit of background about me…i am 6’4 and i played a bit of little league and i play catch usually nothing special and i didnt play in highschool because i was really over weight (was 304…and freshman year of college i lost 80 pounds) so i never bothered.)

ANyways…how is it possible? Or did it not really happen? I know i threw hard but cmon…it had to be a mistake. Maybe mid 70’s…but 90?

Thank you for reading and i hope i can get some good answers =]

it can probably be right. 6’4 and in college. 200 something pounds. Yeah i think its right.

Wow then…maybe i should have stuck with baseball…i used to pitch in little league but oh well…maybe my little college has an inter-mural team because i know a summer team wouldnt gimme a chance for my lack of experience lol…

Anyways…15 year old pitcher? You good? Fav pitch?

yeah probably shouldve. Im decent. My favorite pitch is probably my two seam fast ball. I love the natural lefty tail i get from it.

Very nice. Whenever i did pitch in little league or just BSing with my buddies i always did the 4seam. I get a better grip on it, IMO.

Anyone else?

id never trust a radar gun at a ballpark game for fans. if u want to know how hard u throw find a pitching specific place that will radar gun u and analyze your mechanics through a computer. i have 2 places within 30 minutes of my house that do this, so they are out there just have to find them