Radar Gun from 10 feet away

I’m going to get gunned from 10 feet away. I have talked to a couple people and they allway’s say when getting gunned close they throw around 10 mph slowwer. So if I add around 10 mph to the reading of 10 feet away then i would get a good estimate.

The reason for 10 mph is the gun is not direct in the throw. So you have to add MPH and it’s close so it doesn’t gain MPH as it goes like it should. Also your on flat ground and mechanics change a little does adding 10 mph to a close reading sound ok???

This pitching place is only place for mph and you have to throw into a net 10 feet away.

Idunno man, there’s a lot of factors that has to go into effect. When the ball is release, it’s velocity is much quicker comming out of the hand than when it arrives to the “catcher.” That has to do with physics basically (gravity, spin of ball, air resistence). I would think you actually have to subtract some mph off instead of adding mph. Also another thing, I notice that some people measure the velocity from the hand and at the catcher’s glove (60’6" away). Ten feet is really close as far as pitching-wise. I’d probably take the results with a grain of salt and not get too worked up about it.

Closer gives the best velocities.

The later the reading is taken the slower it will be

Where is the gun going to be relative to the path of the throw? You’d have to know the angle to get an idea how much of a loss there would be.