Radar gun behind the pitcher

Just curious. Use radar gun on my son for indoor pitching sessions. Stand behind him to record speed due to no room in facility behind the plate. During summer tryouts coaches recorded him about 3 mph faster than me. I attributed to wearing cleats on real mound as opposed to portable mound with turf shoes. During fall travel practice son asked me to bring gun while he pitched to live batters outdoors. Same results, about 3 mph faster than two nights earlier indoors. I had never used my radar gun on him outdoors prior to the practice. Question I have is whether recording speeds from behind pitcher is less accurate or whether outdoors with cleats makes that much of a difference.

Radar measurements taken from a position behind the pitcher should have no effect on the measured velocity, as long as the gun is aimed directly in line with the flight direction of the baseball.

The difference between pitching with cleats on a real mound vs. turf shoes on a portable mound can be pretty substantial, IMO.

I’m with la on this one.

Thanks for the replies guys. I would have never thought portable vs real mound would have made that big of a difference in speed.

Agreed. Inside off a portable mound as a pen is completely different than outside off a real mound with cleats against hitters.

Portable mounds usually don’t provide the traction a real mound provides and that results in pitchers either slipping at front foot plant or dialing back their delivery so they don’t slip. Also, the length of a portable mound can cause a pitcher to alter his delivery to avoid planting on the edge of the mound.

I hate portable mounds. :rant: