Radar Gun Baseballs -- Buy or Pass

Made this in another topic, but… Anyone know how accurate these things are and if they can take a bounce or two off a gym floor?

They work okay. Best use is their relative velocity. What I mean is that if you use the ball and it says you throw an 80 mph FB, and a 65 mph curve tha spread is probably relatively accurate. The actual number may be off.
The other problem with them is that they don’t last forever. WHile they can take an occasional bounce, they aren’t indestructible. Also - if they get wet and stay wet for long, they’re toast! They don’t last in the Oregon humidity!!



any idea how far they are actually off with the speed?

PASS! They are a waste of time.

^ yep.

tried one once a year or so ago, with no luck. I don’t trust them and wouldn’t buy one.

If you have a radar gun with which to measure that, I’m guessing you don’t need the radar ball… :shock: :wink:



I dont have a radar gun…