R H P's Pitching/Season log

My first ever log; Hopefully I can update every chance I get, I’ll try to be as honest as possible.

About me:
16 Yrs old
Junior in high school (2011 grad)

Fastball 73-75 Tops 77
Circle Change
Working a cutter in too

UPDATE (8/7/10):

Senior (2011)

Fastball 75-78 Tops 81
Hard Slider 71-73
Forkball 58-64

Had Practice at the local baseball facility this morning. It was an upperclassman only practice but 1 freshman and 4 sophmores were invited.

All of the pitchers threw 35 pitches in simulated at bats to our position players.
I think I did well. 6 strikeouts and 1 flyout, I was able to spot my fastball really well and my changeup had really good sink and run on it. Need to work on getting first pitch strikes and getting my curveball more consistent.

Coach tells us that 15 will make varsity as well as 3 or 4 “floaters” who will be on JV and Varsity. Our team seems really stacked, only lost 2 seniors last year so our lineup is almost the same as last year just more experienced. I’m hoping I am one of the 2 to fill the last 2 spots in our pitching rotation.

Easy practice today, bicep felt really sore after fielding ground balls at 3rd… threw a 15 pitch bullpen. Changeup is easily my best pitch as of now, great movement and good control. Need to work on curveball location… going to put icy hot on my arm tonight as it is really sore… Teams are posted tommorow… we’ll see what happens.

Made varsity but as a pitcher only, first scrimmage of the year this weekend should pitch 1-2 innings. This will is my real chance to make a good impression.

what are you? freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior?


Scrimmage was rescheduled to Thursday. We won the scrim 12-2. I pitched the 6th and 7th innings gave up 1 run on 2 bloop hits into left field in the 7th. Felt like I did a good job. My changeup is definately my best pitch, decent location and great sink/run. Fastball feels good too. Still need to work on curveball most were finishing low and outside some came in for strikes with good break. Will work on it with pitching coach midweek. Overall I feel really confident, like I never have before. Need to keep working hard and take good care of my arm if I want to be successful.

Took the SAT today. Hoping I got 1650 or better.

First game is on Thursday, Its supposed to rain all week game will probably get rescheduled.

Threw a 40 pitch bullpen today. Worked a lot on curve, our pitching coach said I was throwing it too hard and need to let it “flow” out of my hand. All of the curves were finishing Low and were a lot slower than they were before. Changeups and fastballs were both really good. Shoulders a little sore… weird because its usually my elbow that feels sore. Will ice it tonight

Innersquad scrimmage today. Went 1-1 at the plate with 2 RBIs and 1 walk. Didn’t pitch. Scrimmage Saturday verse one of the better teams in the state. Scheduled to be one of the two pitchers, not sure if I will start or not.

Had our scrimmage this morning, won 15-4. I pitched the 4th and 5th innings and gave up 1 unearned run. All 3 pitches were working well. Not much else to say didn’t get an AB. First varsity game is on Tuesday.

Did everything we could to get the field ready… but it won’t stop raining so game was canceled. Next game is on Thursday should be a tough one.

WOW great game yesterday made front page of sports. Won 9-8 in 10 innings. Was back and forth the whole time lots of clutch hits and great defensive play on our side. Next game is tomorrow. I am scheduled to get my first START of my varsity career… a little nervous but very exited as well.

Well I got my first win ever in a 10-0 5 inning game. :slight_smile:
5 IP
2 H
5 SO
0 ER
1 BB

Threw a flatground 15 pitch bullpen yesterday. All pitches were working well, cutter is great pitch for me right now.

Hasn’t stopped raining for 2 days and our field is now a lake. Tomorrow we will probably vacuum all the water off the field. Field probably wont be game-ready for our next 2 games which are tomorrow and the day after.

Played a flight game today and won 9-3 we are now 3-0 next game isn’t until Tuesday. Scheduled to pitch in an innersquad tomorrow.

Pitched 3 innings in our innersquad yesterday. No runs, no hits only one baserunner on a walk. Was hitting spots with fastball inside and outside. Arm felt really good… One of the players dads brought a stalker to the scrimmage (He is trainer for local AAA team) and I hit 79 on the gun which is kind of surprising to be honest but really satisfying.

Threw longtoss after practice today elbow feels a little sore will probably ice it tonight.

Longtossed today after practice elbow feels a little sore though. Another important flight game tommorow. We need to get a W.

Won our game today 9-8 in another good game. Pitched the top of the seventh and blew the save but the run was unearned. In the bottom half we scored on a walkoff double steal.
line looked like:
2/3 IP
1 H
1 SO
0 ER
1 R
1 BB

Won 4-2 in a very close game. Fielding decided it in the bottom of 5 they made a 2 out error that let us score 2 go ahead runs. Threw a short long toss today. Next game isn’t until Tuesday.

Threw a 20 pitch bullpen today. Cutter is nasty, Changeup feels good. Thinking about dropping the curve altogether… doesn’t feel comfortable to throw can’t get one over with good break. Game tomorrow against one of the few teams that beat us last year. Might come in if our starter gets in trouble early. Gonna ice my arm tonight.