Quiting basketball... advice?

I have played baseball, football, and basketball all my life
but i am not nearly as passionate about basketball and football
as i am about baseball. I was thinking about not joining the basketball team
this year and just spending the time after school that i would be at basketball practice in the gym working out for baseball… advice?

Good idea! Basketball is particularly tough if you’re serious about baseball because it really cuts into off-season and pre-season preparation. Unless you’re 6’8", focusing on baseball may be a good way to go. I dropped basketball after the 8th grade season to workout and long toss. But you have to be disciplined in structuring your own practice times, since there probably won’t be a coach looking over your shoulder and pushing you.

My son played basketball and baseball from sixth grade through his junior year and is not going to play his senior year. Like you he is quitting so that he can spend the late fall and winter for weight training and concentrating on preseason baseball. He always had trouble maintaining weight due to all the running. He will probably sign a letter with a college in November and several college coaches have told him that once he is in college, basketball is frowned on especially during the season.

On the other hand, I have to say that basketball allowed him to develop his coordination. It seemed like he was always growing. He is 6’7" now. Like you, he also never had much of a passion for the game. However, I think that maintaining diversity through participating in multiple sports can be a good thing. Sometimes dedicating yourself to one sport early might lead to burnout. So I guess you have to ask what your goals are. And follow your heart.