Quirks, Weirdness and flat out strange

I got thinking the other day about some of the weirdest things I’ve seen at a ball game, be it a game itself, a play or something just out of the ordinary.

I thought this would make for some interesting discussions.

For me I’d have to say the strangest thing I’ve witnessed on a ball field was when I was a freshman in College.

We travelled to Florida for Spring Break and in our first game we lost 2-0… and our Starter threw a no-no!!! He walked a guy who then advanced to second on a wild pitch then scored on a sac fly for the first run. The second run he got upset over an error that was made in the field, drilled the next guy up to put it to runners at first and second and then they moved up on a double steal and then an error on a bunt play brought in the second run, subsequently the next batter up got plunked and he escaped the inning without allowing anymore damage and then cruised the rest of the game and our hitters couldn’t get him a run at all.

I’ve always been curious to see how many guys that’s happened to.

What’s the strangest or weirdest thing you’ve seen or been a part of?

We had a head coach who was a gambler; I mean he lived this stuff.
He’d take these junkets to Vegas with his wife every year. He even had
a wristwatch with a face on it that had a picture of the old Sands Hotel,
and a Zippo with a royal flush engraved on it.

One night our cooler got hit by foul and spilled a lot of liquid all over the
bench. Our skipper was in the locker room using the stall and didn’t know
about the accident with the cooler, nor did he know the bench was soaked.

He came out, sat on the bench and started flipping through some stuff when
I suggested we pull our guy who was getting clobbered – the bullpen was ready
with our reliever.

So, our skipper gets up, motions to the CU –“time” and walks to the mound,
to talk to our reliever. As he’s walking onto the field, everyone noticed that the
liquid soaked his butt good. There on his left cheek was a big black spade
and on the right cheek was a big black club.

Evidently he was wearing his lucky“ full deck” for underwear that night.
Coach B.



hahahahah :shock:

A few years back, my son (11 at the time) was up to bat against a hard-throwing kid from the top team in the league. The pitcher let one go headed straight for my son’s chin. He tried to get out of the way, but there was impact. The sound it made when it struck was gross. My son was on the ground, the coach ran out to make sure he was still alive, I was a mess, the umpire called dead ball and awarded him first base. Then my son jumped to his feet, had a confused look on his face - then smiled sheepishly and ran to first to everyone’s amazement.

Later in the inning he crossed the plate and the umpire stopped him and asked if he was ok. My son said, “yeah - the ball hit the knob of the bat, not me.” As his hands flew back towards his face trying to get out of the way it caught the knob, not his chin. The ump just laughed!

For a half inning, my son was the toughest kid in town.

Same game, wild high inside pitch hits the batter’s bat (still on the kid’s shoulder) and lands in fair territory. Ump stays quiet and it takes forever for the players to realize ball is in play. Runner thrown out at first probably 20 seconds after the ball was hit.

Your son’s pretty lucky, that would of been funny to see the Umps reaction after he was told it hit the bat.

I’ve seen that play happen quite a bit at that age group and lower it is quite comical sometimes, especially if the Coaches have no idea what’s happening.