Quickness and Speed Training

Right now I’m in the thick of my high school golf season, and in about three weeks it will be wrapping up. I’ve been thinking of some type of training program and I’ve decided to work off of a three day split for lifting and now I’m left with tuesday’s and thursday primarily for my sprint work, explosive training, and plyometrics.

I have some basic simple goals coming from these days.

To increase my acceleration, increase overall speed, and increase my quickness.

I plan on sprinting but I haven’t had much success deciding on the yardages of those sprints and the quantity of the sprints.
Also I haven’t put much thought into what other types of accesory exercises I should do to aid in my progress.

so my question is, If you guys were designing two speed and quickness training days, what would you incorperate into them for the most effective and worth while training?

ladders? sprints? shuffles? wind sprints? sled drags? jumps? anything?