Quickest, fun, boring pitch

So I always finish up my team’s games. If the pitcher is doing good he will go as far as he can. If he gets in trouble I come in to finish it up. So our pitcher was doing very good until the last inning. Gave up 3 hits and 2 runs, but got 2 outs. So i come in just to get 1 out. I throw a few warm up pitches (which I love because I can hear the other team buzzing about the sidearm pitcher). Up first is a decent batting lefty and a guy on first. I threw one pitch. He grounds a little dribbler to me and I throw him out. I was expecting a little more work to finish up the game. Haha oh well. Got the job done.

Nothing wrong with those easy ones. What you call “boring” I’d call quick, easy, effective, one-pitch-one-out, get it done and go home. Very often the top closers do just that. Like Mariano Rivera at the top of his game; he once described it as “I get the ball. I throw the ball. I take a shower.” :slight_smile: