Quick Youtube question

I’m trying to upload a video I made on Windows Movie Maker but the first time I tried it it said the file was to small. So I expanded the file to 5 MB and now when I go to upload it just sits there saying its uploading. But its been sitting there for about 3 hours and its done nothing. I know you can get Movie Maker vid up there (I’ve seen people do it) but how come it doesn’t work for me? If anyone know give me a response.

Now when I try to upload it it says I need to export this file to a .WMV format. How do I do that?

I use this
for all my converting.

Where do I download that software (can’t find it on that page). Also if anyone
explains anything please but it in english on computer mumbo-jumbo. A computer geek I am not.

Here is the link to the file:


I found a way to convert it to WMV file but still when i go to upload it it just sits there and does nothing. I’ll try again tomorrow

thats the same thing that happens to me man