Quick twitch muscles relation to pitching

a coach was telling are team the another day about the effect of training the quick twitch muscles, and how it helps you with everything you do in baseball (it really made sense to me). you can bench press and squat all you want to and train the mass muscle group, but in pitching from the high coked position to release is maybe a .25 secon. you want your muscles to react as faster as they possibly can to maximize forse put on the ball.

same goes with your legs, you want to brace and deaden your front side momentum with your glove-side leg upon impact with the ground. he said one of the best ways to train these quick twitch muscles is through explosive sprints, beucase when your in an all out sprint, every muscle in your body is "rarin-and tearin’ " to get to the destination your going to.

i just thought id like to share this with everyone. any comments?

Sounds right to me.

yes but, heavy squats are one of the best ways to work explosiveness, fast twitch fibers…corrrect??