Quick slider question

Roger told me the bad thing about the slider is the fastball arm action and the curveball wrist movement (Can’t remember the word… :frowning: sorry about that). So I started to throw a slow slider. I can throw it for strikes almost everytime and barely anyone makes contact (that and the batters I face are not exactly the best hitters). I guess it is like a sweeping curveball… I think.(probably wrong) and so far I have seen that the batters usually have a hard time adjusting to the speed difference of the fastball and slow slider if I throw it at the right time (don’t really throw many change-ups because I am still working on control) other than that I think a lot of batters in my league just have a hard time hitting a breaking pitch. (maybe)

I have started to throw a lot of these slow sliders and they seem to be effective. I was wondering if this would be better to throw than a hard slider since I am taking a little off it (my arm is almost the same speed as fastball speed but for some reason the ball just comes out a lot slower) I am 16 and a slider seems to be an easy pitch for me to locate. I was wondering if this slower slider would be easier on the arm and I could continue it since I want to keep throwing it and make it better.

(today I pitched 4 innings 7k’s 2 walks 57 pitches and 42 were strikes Don’t know how many were a slow slider or whatever you want to call it but around 15 were)

Assuming that was me, I probably said that the slider is the pitch that is the hardest on your arm because it combines the forces of a fastball with the supination of a curveball.

Yep it sure sounds like Roger, not that he was wrong…
How old are you?
How do you condition?
How much do you throw, is 57 pitches typical?
Just throwing the pitch, unless you just do it incorrectly, isn’t going to be troublesome. What you don’t want, is to throw it more than necessary. The problem with a “slow” slider is that you no doubt show the pitch by slowing your arm/mechs and as you face better hitters they will either lay off it or wait back…an invitation to be rocked. If you are wiping these guys out because they are less than good, get yourself up against better competition. If you are so into the game that you are going to web sites and what-not to get better, then it is reasonable to me that you want to move on up. You will not get better by wiping out the blind, crippled or crazy…As you play better guys the slow slider will be a slow meatball and you may develop a neck problem from twisting your head to see how far the ball goes. :wink:
Do you throw your slow slider for strikes or do you just fool the batter and they cut at it because it looks so slow and hittable?

Just to be clear, I don’t believe I have ever recommended the slider to anyone on this board (or any board for that matter) because most that I communicate with are too young. In this case, I do believe 16 is too young to be throwing a slider. You need to wait until your growth plates have closed up. Many people suggest 17-18 as the proper age. As for a “slow slider”, that’s a new one to me and I would agree with JD’s assessment of that pitch, how it’s thrown, and its potential effectiveness (or lack thereof) against better hitters.

Top_Secret, you should work on developing pitches that will help you down the road - not pitches that you will likely have to abandon.

a slow slider is what is now considered a slurve a big slow sweeping slider/curve erik bedard has one scott downs has one it’s often used by lefties and they usually throw it right at the batter to see it dive back in the strike zone. it’s not a bad pitch in fact not any pitch is bad unless you throw it when the batter is sitting on it. if you get good movement and you get good result dont change it. when you’ll get older you will have all the rights to throw it a little harder and get more sharp late breaking movement.consider it right now your warm up slider for a couple years

Roger your first post here was right I remember thats what you said. Sorry just couldn’t think of the word.

I’m 16 and so far this year in two games I’ve throw 106 pitches and then 57. Yeah that’s a bigish difference. I most likely will only be throwing around 60 pitches a game and when I throw this, I throw it at the batters elbow and it falls in for a strike(almost all the time). Some times I do throw it over the plate (never down the middle) and the kids usually miss it.(so far 2 kids made contact with it and I have deffinitly thrown it over 35 times) I missed the cut off date for the 16-19 league and I play in a 14-15…

4pie I think I will use this as a warm up slider and gradually throw it harder when I am 17-18. Hopefully it will be just as effective as it is now (hopefully I wont have to abandon this pitch since it seems easy to locate for me) even though I don’t face the best of the best hitters.