Quick question

Hey guys quick question.
When a pitcher strides and his stride foot touches the ground should all the weight be on that foot? Or should the pitcher have some of the weight on the back foot as well?

I ask this after seeing guys like Ubaldo Jimenez and Joel Zumaya and then Tim Alderson (a Giants prospect). Take a look at those pics below:

If they had some weight on their back foot, wouldn’t that be too much stress on the back foot? Look at their position. It looks like their back leg is just hanging loose. I know this is because of hip rotation, but do they still have some of the weight on the back leg?

And then I saw a video of Tim Alderson pitching and his back foot is COMPLETELY off the ground just as his front foot hits the ground:

I’m going to star by saying I miss Alderson. He was so much fun to hit off in high school.

Now the disclaimer here is that I am no expert and I came up with my answer after going through my own motion several times in my living room.

Now after comparing myself to some of the pitcures you showed I want to say that your front foot landing is meant to act as a stopper for your momentum and by the time it lands your back foot SHOULD be done with it’s job which is to push off the rubber. This means that by the time your front foot lands the back foot is almost “along for the ride” So in my own opinion, when your front foot lands, that is where a vast majority of your weight should.

i just had to say, I love the first picture… UBALDO JIMINEZ!

At foot plant, weight is being transferred from the back to the front. The front leg has to firm up and brace in order to carry all of the weight. That happens a few milliseconds after foot plant.

true. but you want to make sure your not stomping the ground. just make sure you land soft on that front leg