Quick Question

I am 14 years old 115 (lift after school everyday)and I need to gain weight but also get bigger. My coach told me to get some protien supplements, does any one have any recomendations for what would work best for me?

Also if you start to weight training to early can it stunt your growth, I have been told it does, and I have been old it doesn’t!

Alright, before you get any supplements, I would recommend getting your diet in order for sure. Supplements, are just that, supplements to a diet, to get bigger you must eat more calories.

Getting your diet in order means, no soda, limited fried food, limited junk food. Cheating once in a while is fine, because it’s especially hard to keep eating well if you don’t eat some sweets once in a while. Also eat things you like, there’s plenty of good tasting foods that are good for you.

For protein there’s plenty of good brands, I get Optimum Nutrition whey protein. It’s got some other goodies (Amino Acids) that many other proteins do not have.

As for stunting your growth:

I have yet to hear a definitive answer myself. I do know that at that age you should not be doing one rep max lifts. It is not likely that your growth plate would close, but it’s not impossible if you tried an extreme load. The key is to be smart.

Numbers are relative, training is for yourself and nobody else, do appropriate weights with good form.

To gain weight you need to eat more. Unless you are a body builder, eating really “clean” doesnt matter very much. You are 14, so eating pizza and drinking soda is part of life. Just drink lots of water and eat like a horse. 4000 calories a day. If you still dont gain weight it is time to look into a weight gaining supplement.

The thing is that most people will eat a 2500 calorie a day diet, then ask why they dont gain anything. Your body burns through activity and body function (more or less depending on your stats). Protein supplements will help you gain muscle, but they arent really for fast weight gain. There are special weight gain shakes for that.

Lifting stunting your growth is a wives’ tale. It has been shown many times that lifting is safe. The only thing that stunts your growth is if you try to powerlift (using insane weight) or try to pack on too much muscle, like a bodybuilder. Neither one would help a baseball player, so you shouldnt be lifting that way in any case.

Lifting is no problem at 14 years old – providing it’s done correctly. I suggest using lightweight or body weight exercises. You don’t have to push it with the weights, particularly at 14. Train the movements. That’s what’s key.

I started lifting at 13 years old, when I advanced from the “Little League mound” (45 feet) to the regulation mound (60.5 feet). My dad and I would go to the local fitness center before school two or three times a week.

At that age, I did 3-pound shoulder conditioning circuts (raises front, diagonal, and side), squats with body weight and light dumbbells, walking lunges and step-ups using body weight, push-ups, sit-ups, and, of course, running/sprints at various distances. I worked out with a trainer every few months as a sort of “check up” on my form. My dad wanted to be sure I was doing the movements correctly.

I also attended a couple of workout classes geared to younger people at the local YMCA to learn more about proper technique.

Diet isn’t so important at your age. I wouldn’t focus on it. The key is eating fresh foods with color. The more color, the more nutrients – and the better for you. Eat all other foods in moderation. (That goes for high-protein foods such as chicken and red meats, too, by the way.) Remember to drink plenty of water. Thats the one diet mistake most young kids make: They don’t drink enough “no calorie” or “low calorie” fluids –– such as water, diluted Gatorates and PowerAdes, 100% fruit juices, and skim or 1% milk.