Quick Question/Statement

O.K. I have been told that I should try and lead with my hip more because I’m getting out over my front side to early. This was told to me by a former Oriole Rick Krivda. He also told me that me stiffening my front leg was a bit of a problem and that it was because of over striding. We did a stride test however and my stride is right on the money. So is having my leg stiffen up that bad? Because I do throw high quite often and I’ve read that this can play a factor in throwing the ball high.

I have a video of myself on here in the video section of the forum if u want to take a look.

i agree with leading with the hip and getting some tilt in the shoulders. i would not soften the front knee or shorten the stride. the only two pitchers i can think of that had/have short strides are mussina and bob gibson. both are great pitchers but clearly in the minority

I’m guessing you mean that your upper half is getting out front too early. That’s a postural issue. I also agree with leading with the front hip and keeping head and spine slightly behind the front hip into foot plant.

As for stiffening the front leg, it’s tough to say without seeing you but I’ll suggest speeding up your tempo and keeping the same stride length before shortening your stride. This complements the leading with the front hip. Get the hips going sooner and faster.