Quick question about getting a Win/ND

So last game, I was in relief. I came into the game with a 5-4 lead. Then a batter scored because of 2 overthrows by my catcher, so the score was tied at 5-5. At the end of the game i was still pitching and we ended up winning 8-5. Do i get the Win or does the starter for my team get the win?

Thanks guys

You get the win!

nice! so since it got back to 5-5 i got the win right?

The fact that you were in when your team took the final lead is the key. In other words, if you came in down a run (versus up a run), you would have still got the win if your team came back. The only way that the starter would have come away with the win is if the game was never tied by the opposing team after he left the game.

ahhh i see. So basically if it was 5-4 we were winning and we kept that lead without the other team tieing HE’D get the win. but since they came back i get it. Ok thanks much for the clearing that up!

You got it!

This happens so often in the major leagues. For example, the Yankees-Diamondbacks game the other day. When Mariano Rivera came in, the Yanks were behind by one run, and they tied the game, so it was 5-5, and a no-decision for the previous pitcher. Mo pitched a scoreless ninth, and the game went to the tenth inning, which made it a possible win for him if the Yanks went ahead. They did, and Mo nailed it down for the win. Incidentally, that was a real Houdini he pulled in the bottom of the tenth—loading the bases with nobody out and then getting the next three outs without a run scoring. That was something to see. Magnificent Mariano Rivera!!! :slight_smile: 8)


In the interest of full disclosure…I am a HUGE Red Sox fan! However (and I hope my buddies are not reading this!), Mariano Rivera is not only a great closer but a class act. To play so successfully in the Big Apple for so long with so many games on the line and to do it with class and poise, is something that should be respected by all baseball followers. We’ll miss him when he’s gone…well, us Sox fans won’t miss him too much!!!

Take care.

I don’t think a lot of people will miss Mariano Rivera too much, not after what he’s done to them with just one pitch (which I wish I had). He is probably the greatest closer in the history of the game, and the other night against the Diamondbacks he demonstrated this by pulling a virtual Houdini—imagine, loading the bases with nobody out and then retiring the side in order via two popups and a strikeout. Other times he would simply get the batters out, good morning, good afternoon and good night. First ballot hall-of-famer for sure.

basicaly if your team gets the WINNING run while yolu were the one out. you win. if it was an unearned run and you lossed its a no decision