Quick football question (relating to baseball)

in the fall instead of playing fall ball.
im going to join the school football team.
i did it last year too as a freshman.
i want to ask if football is good conditioning for the baseball season in the spring/summer?
or is it bad?

Having only personal experience, Don’t take my comment too seriously. I threw the football at my cousins cottage for about ten minutes. It felt like the morning after throwing 500 pitches and no ice. Ouchie.

Its not bad to do the wieght lifting and stuff but probably better to do baseball. My opinion though. Dont be quarter back though cause that is really gonna give you a ton of problems during baseball season.

I tried playing football, I was actually a pretty solid Gaurd, but after freshman year they basically said I can’t play baseball in the summer because if I wanna’ play football and actually play I have to go to all the summer camps. I decided to stick with baseball.

What Pustulio said it can depend on the seriousness of your football program. But football will give you great chances to workout. It wouldn’t be that bad unless you were a quarterback.

I agree with Bower, it might be an OK idea to play football, for the working out purposes, as long as you’re not throwing the football a lot. Just make sure to not separate your throwing shoulder, that might mess you up for a LONG time.