Well my season has pretty much come to its end, unless I make this Pre-College team which I’ll be playing 26 games till the end of march and working out with a team like it was college ball, but if I dont make that then its all up in the air on what I’m going to do.

My question is should I continue playing football or get a workout regement every week from my athletic trainer that involves making me a better pitcher and an overall player, or continue to play football and miss something I love.

Honestly, I do not really like football, I’d much rather play baseball everyday then get killed with this team. I play football to stay in shape like most of the kids do.

If anyone could give me advice on what to do or what I should be doing that would be great, its really frustrating me because I want to be better then I am, so if anyone could give me some advice or a website that has workouts for pitchers or anything thatd be great

i would definately stick with baseball if you don’t like football. i got 2 workouts i could PM you if you want me to.

That would be great, I’ll take any advice/workouts

Is this high school level football or college?

At any rate, the big question here is motivation. Some people need to have someone yelling in their ear and pushing them, others are perfectly capable of pushing themselves. If you skip a workout with the football team, you’ll get yelled at. If you skip your own workout, nothing is going to happen so it is easy to get lazy and eventually stop going.

The best options would be to find a friend that would be willing to go to the gym with you (if you are both pitchers, then that would make it beneficial for both) or talk with the football coach and ask if you can continue to lift with the team. The second option will depend on your coach, but we had several guys that had left the team for various reasons but continued to lift to stay in shape.

I’m a junior in high school, and usually we dont get yelled at for not working out but we would not play, I’m a highly motivated baseball player and if my trainer gave me a work out, I would get it done in motivation as if it was a coach giving me a work out schedule.

But I do have a friend that would want to do the same thing, we’ve been pitching buddies since we were 11.

Any advice will be helpful

If you don’t want to play football, dont play. The strength and conditioning aspect is not worth all the hours of practice time that you’d be sacrificing, not to mention athletic fees and everything else. If you have someone willing to lift with you and a good strength training program then you have all you need.