I have some questions i need answered to better my game and potential level.

  1. Would creatine help or hurt your game? I’ve had a lot of people tell me both ways.

  2. I can throw 71 mph but is not for a strike. I can only throw strikes at 66-68 mph. How can I control the faster speeds?


I have heard that creatine just dehydrates your muscles, and my dad uses it I don’t, but results vary from person to person so you have to give it a chance. As far as hitting your spots at higher speeds, you have to practice, practice, practice!!! Usually 2SFB you will tend to release high.

i dont think creatine dehydrates your muscles it pulls water into your muscles,but thats if u drink enough though

Thats exactly what creatine does, it forces water into your muscles. That isnt the only reason to drink a ton of water, its also cause creatine can be hard on your kidneys if u dont. Just be ready to have to pee like every 5 minutes, i know personally. I had good results with taking creatine, my strength increased substantially, not only that but creatine helps speed up your recovery rate.

Do you miss up when you try to throw 70+?

If so, then you could be rushing, which means you are trying to get too much power from your stride and and screwing up your timing.

Read this…

I also heard it makes your thang down low shrink? Is this true too. If so ill just take extra vitamins and go lift more>. (lol)

it does no such thang, just drink enough water, take the proper amounts of creatine, lift hard and you will be fine

Hey sullivan;
Getting wild when trying to throw more heat huh?
Don’t worry over it, your control will come, it’s practice, practice and practice. This will let everything come together for you. Believe it and Achieve it kid , its mental as well as physical. Bill

Dear Sullivan:

How old are you? If you are not 17-18 years old, I would strongly suggest you not using creatine. You should consult with your doctor before you choose to take it. As for control and velocity, I think Bill summed it up nicely. You have to practice, practice, and practice. You should continue with the resistance throwing and focus on the muscle performance of your lower body, specificly your quads, gluts, and hamstrings. Make sure you work on the flexibility in your groin, with stretches that help you gain the ability to reach with your lead leg as you go to the plate.

Good Luck,

Coach Kreber