Questions on the Cutter?

I have some questions. What is the difference between this pitch and the slider, and how do you throw a cutter?

Difference is that there is movement in the opposite direction, throw a cutter with more pressure on the middle finger.

These pitches are very similar the biggest difference is that you pronate your wrist while throwing a slider and you do not while throwing a cutter. I grip my cutter like a 4 seam fb but i take my index finger completely off of the seams

i like to split the seam, with my middle finger putting pressure on the horeshoe…throw it like a fastball and just think about drawing a line straight to the catcher with your middle finger

A cutter is thrown exactly the same as a fastball but the ball is thrown with more pressure to one half of the ball (left side for lefties, right side for righties) giving it harder velo and less, generally tighter movement than a slider.

A slider on the other hand is typically thrown more like a football considering the angle of the hand on the side of the ball, with the palm more toward the bottom half and fingers wrapping over the top. however every pitcher is different and grips and techniques may vary depending on what works for them. movement on a slider will have more of a sweeping movement compared to a cutter and typically will be slower.