Questions On Circle Change.... (Please Read)

I have two really great pitches (4 Seam Fastball and 12-6 Knucklecurve). I have wanted to throw this pitch very badly but my control over it is so horrible to be quite honest… I’m an overhand pitcher but I can’t seem to control this pitch whatsoever. How did you learn it? Does it just take a lot of time to get the feel? My grip is fine and everything… Should I give up on it? How much success do you have with it? I notice that a lot of the best Major League pitcher’s use the circle change? Thanks For Your Time…

the key to controling it imo is the positioning of your thumb. At first I found it more comfortable to keep my thumb underneath the ball, away from the tip of my index finger.

After some time with that, I’ve been able to bring my thumb up the side, making the circle with the tip of my index finger. By doing this, it makes the pitch slower.

Plus, it’s very mental.

Make sure you release it out in front too, almost like you’re trying to reach out and place the ball in the catcher’s mitt.

One thing you might want to try is playing catch with the grip from about 70 ft. That will help you get more of a feel for the pitch since you can make a lot of throws that way and throwing it from 70 ft. will require good arm speed.

There are a ton of different change up grips. If you’ve truly given the circle change time to develop and you still have no feel for it, try one of the other grips.

Try the following link for a 12 minute video on different change up grips.

What kind of results do you get from the Circle Change or Change-Up? My 12-6 curve really kills most batters especially when i throw it for the second strike then they’re guessing what the next pitch is. Do you get K’s with yours?

A change up should be about 10 mph less than your fastball. Guys with plus change ups will get 12-15 mph off the fastball at times. Those pitchers will generally get more swings and misses. A good change will also sink a fade a little, usually to the arm side.

If your curve and fastball are that good, then there is no need to try and trick the hitter. In general, tricking the hitter is unnecessary. In your particular case, whereas you don’t have a change up yet, you are better off using it earlier in the count, in maybe a 1-0, 1-1, or 0-1 count. You always use your best pitches to put hitters away, and at this point, obviously the change up is not one of them. Instead of tricking hitters, pitch to your strengths. You’d also be surprised how many times hitters get themselves out when you just throw quality strikes.

So I should just stick with my two pitches for now and not develop a circle change? How bad does it really fool the batters? I watched that video on pitcing professor and he seems to say it’s an awesome pitch to develop. I never thought a change up would be so hard to master… Any tips would be greatly appreciated…

Absolutely not. Get serious about the change now. The more you use your curve the harder it will be to learn to trust your change. That’s why kids should always learn to throw the change before learning to throw a curve, arm issues or not.

The number 1 tip is to stick with it.

The change is great on the 0-1 count too.

Thanks For Your Time guys, I will probably throw it some this evening after school. What kind of results do you get from a good change up? Ever made anyone look really silly? I know I do with the 12-6.

I definitely think you should continue to work on a change up, and it can definitely be a very important pitch. What I was trying to say earlier is that you should not jump right into using it in a game as an out pitch, and you don’t necessarily have to “trick” the hitter.

I agree with CADad, make a comittment and work for it. Once you get it down you’ll just devestate. It is worth the effort.

I was just practicing mine last night, and I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to finish out in front with this pitch.

the best change-up someone ever threw me was coming from my 9-years old brother. we were playing catch and i was getting used to his speed and he threw me his change-up and i closed my glove before the ball reached me. i asked him how he griped it and it was kind of like a palmball grip. he threw me 5 or 6 more of those since then. i don’t know why it has such a big difference but it has.