Questions about coaches nutrition/workout guide

So I’ve been looking over this nutrition/workout guide my coach gave us and I’m just wondering how it sounds.
It says for a player in the 180-189 lb range he should eat around 3,060 calories a day.
A player who is 190-199 lb should eat 3,230 calories.
A player who is 200-209 lb should eat 3,400 calories.

These are the numbers for a player during the off-season. It also says 50%-70% of total calories should come from carbs, preferably complex carbohydrates, about 15% should come from protein, and no more than 20%-30% should come from fat, and the rest.

As for the workout it only gives us three workouts.
Workout “A” consists of Shoulders, Back, and Biceps.
Workout “B” consists of Chest and Triceps.
Workout “C” consists of Legs and Forearms.
He also wants us running, doing abs, and a rotator cuff program daily.

When it comes to sets and reps to do it says the following:
4 Sets:
1st set- 15 reps at 60% of max
2nd set- 10 reps at 80% of max
3rd set- Maximum reps possible at max
4th set- 15 reps at 60% of max

So I’m just wondering how this sounds. I mean I’m not an expert at working out(shocking I know). So I would like an outside opinion as to how these workouts look. And would you advise adding anything, like I would add another day of legs.

So any feedback is appreciated.

Looks like a typical HS/College workout: Very bad.


You can start on the reccomended calorie amount, its much too low if you are looking to put on any amount of mass. You burn roughly half of that amount a day just by living, let alone doing any sort of athletic training.


You can start on the reccomended calorie amount, its much too low if you are looking to put on any amount of mass. You burn roughly half of that amount a day just by living, let alone doing any sort of athletic training.[/quote]

Alright, but how exactly is this helping me…at all? Kyle I’ve been a member of this site for about a year, granted I don’t use it regularly, but when I first joined whenever I saw that you posted something I expected this well thought out response. With details saying WHY it’s bad and how to improve. But now, all I’ve seen you say is, " It sucks." So if your going to give criticism, which I know I’m going to get a lot of, atleast let it be constructive. I mean how does just saying it’s very bad help in anyway? Also, @wwRHP the nutrition guide says that this is the amount to stay in that weight range. Sorry I didn’t make specify that.

I run a baseball training company where I design programs for 20+ athletes, some remotely, some locally. Sorry if I don’t have time to contribute free advice on the board. Don’t take it personally.

Okay kyleb I understand you run a business and the goal is to make money but your not being helpful to this forum. If you don’t have time to help someone out then don’t just criticize, even if they aren’t your paying client they deserve some respect. Don’t get me wrong some of your post are very enlightening, but these people aren’t seeking you specifically out there turning to this community as a whole expecting to get positive/constructive feedback. This is suppose to be a community to share our knowledge so we might all improve, and your post makes people feel unwelcome here. As to the original post the workout seems more endurance based, which is fine as one phase of a year round training program but you want to lower the reps if your looking to develop strength. Incorporating plyometrics, if they aren’t already would also be helpful. This is just from my knowledge/opinion, hope it’s helpful.

Do you want me to tell him the program he has is good? I could lie to him and tell him that if it makes you feel better.

There are hundreds of articles on my blog for free that point out why that type of training is stupid. I don’t have time to individually respond to every thread with detailed information.

So, going forward I just won’t contribute anymore to forum threads like this one since I don’t have much time. Hopefully this is a better solution.

I’m not saying to lie to him but if your going to post on how his workout is bad then leave a link to your blog post or even just your blog so he has an idea of where to look for an explanation why, and you don’t have to repost your opinion.

Want a program? Here it is:

Want another one? Here you go:

Research, Research, Research! There thousands of programs that will accomplish the same thing, and tens of thousands that suck. Find the ones that have been proven from a reputable trainer. Look at joe defrances youtube channel and it will show you how proven the first program is.

agree with most of what has been said. This is a pretty typical (bad) high school type program.

The calories are way too low, even for maintenance if you are doing any appreciable amount of training at all. 5,000 calories is my maintenance during fall ball, and I’m 212 lbs right now. add 1,000-1,500 calories to what that says there and you’ll start adding 1-2 lbs a week.

defranco and wendler’s programs are a good start, although wendler is more pure strength (powerlifting) oriented than athletic performance oriented.

training in the 10-15 rep range will be working hypertrophy and endurance = generally not what you want for baseball. You should be aiming for a mix of strength and hypertrophy work. 3-6 reps is a better range for strength, and 6-10 reps for hypertrophy.

with a program that looks like this, the coaching for technique and proper execution is likely going to be pretty bad as well. Research and make sure you know what perfect form looks like for all of the exercises he has you doing. Watch powerlifters lift and see their intensity, tempo, form on these lifts. Take control of your own career, that’s the best advice I can give you.