My son throws hard and fast but a lot of times he will walk batters. The last game he walked 4 batters in a row and only threw 3 strikes-Most time its only 3-4 batters a game, which consist of about 3 innings. Should I be worried or at what age should we make a decision if he is going to be a pitcher. My son is 10 years old. Started pitching at 7 in pee-wee. Thanks!


Your son is too young to get worried about pitching accuracy.

Also, the harder throwers tend to walk more batters at the young levels because the batters are too afraid to swing the bat. So, if the epitcher isn’t throwing strikes, he’s walking batters. Seen it many times before. Not to worry. Let your sone gets older, add strength and flexibility, and improve his mechanics. Then see what happens.



At what age do you start to worry about accuracy?



Good question. Or maybe that’s a vague question. What do we really mean by “worry”?

The short answer is that a young pitcher is too young to be discounted as a pitcher if his accuracy is off at age 10. There’s more than just the moment at hand. There’s also the future.

Now, there is a difference between working on accuracy and worrying about it. I work with pitchers aged 9-10 on up and I have all of them work on accuracy. I’m not sure I actually worry about it, though. That would take its toll on me. But I do care about the pitchers I work with and I try my best to help them succeed.

As a pitching coach, you can’t predict what prepubescent kids will turn out like after they go through puberty. Non-pitchers will become pitchers and vice versa. Young stars will peak early and get passed up by late bloomers. Body types will change. Height will change. Strength and flexibility will change. Speed will change. There’s just too much that’s out of your control to actually worry about things. Your job is to do your best and make your pitcher’s their best.


I think you should keep working on his mechanics. The decision to quit pitching all together should come well after the kid reaches puberty. So many things will change between now and then.