What do we understand by a “good pitch”? I noticed that tha pitches which are thrown with more than 90 Mph are also hittable.

What you are describing is the difference between pitching and throwing (and it’s a lesson that is brought home to every hard, straight thrower eventually). Throwing is hitting 90 MPH. Pitching is throwing plus…

  1. Keeping the ball down.
  2. Keeping the ball down and outside.
  3. Changing speeds.
  4. Late movement.

That question can be answered on several levels:

High Level: A good pitch is one that gets batters out.

Medium Level: A good pitch is one that hits its spot.

Low Level: A good pitch is one that has things like proper velocity, late movement, is thrown with the least amount of stress on the arm, etc.

You’re absolutely correct that 90mph pitches can be very hittable. Of the three characteristics - location, movement, velocity - location is the most important followed by movement and then velocity.

people say you have to be a pitcher but i still say if you have a 100+ mph pitch and a 2nd pitch you can get by as a MLB reliever, you may not be the best but you’ll be a ML reliever

like kyle farnsworth for example he basically has a 86mph slider and a 98 to 100+mph fastball and he gets away with it. I don’t know if his fastball moves much but he leaves alot of pitches over the plate and gets away with it more times then not plus his slider isnt extremely nasty.

a 90mph fastball you definetly couldn’t get away with a ton of mistakes tho especially if your ball didn’t have much movement

If you have two effective pitches then by definition you are a pitcher and not a thrower because you can change things up, which is the essence of deception, which is the difference between a pitcher and a thrower.