ive heard alot of different things but how should u group ur muscles during a workout. currently im doing back chest and shoulders together one day, and then bi’s tri’s and forearms another. ive heard to split it up with push/pull days but i find doing it this way is more beneficial bc it works ur core muscles one day and ur arms the other. any thoughts?

no leg workouts? what most people do is either upper body one day and lower body the other day. also i usually do the heavy lifting one day with the whole body then the other day is explosive work with core also. working out the biceps is a waste of time.

Yeah, it is a simple question that has no simple answer. Each person has different beliefs when it comes to how to set up a strength program, and often certain styles will serve better for different purposes. Your split looks like it is taken from bodybuilding, where the goal is hypertrophy (bigger muscles), so more time is spent working individual muscle groups in isolation. Therefore you need to break the body down into smaller component parts in order to hit each area sufficiently. The problem with this is that it generally does not build strength as much as it builds bulk and size. For an athlete this is generally not what you want to do.

This is the best lifting schedule you will find for athletes (without paying anything) :

thanks KC i think im going to switch up to that…altough i do think 3 off days per week is a little much

tdbaseball…working out biceps may not have a direct corellation (sp?) to pithing success but u cant just disregard them…you cant have muscle imbalance in your arms or in any part of your body for that matter

the biceps get enough workout while doing other workouts and everyday life that you dont need to specifically work them out by themselves.