well today was a bummer because my shoulder felt terrible, probably because i took a couple throws with the football (yeah i know, stupid idea). I have till january 14th to be healthy enough to tryout, then from there i can see the trainer and she can treat me (trainer cannot see me until the 14th due to state laws). I’m gonna rest my shoulder tomorrow and the weekend, and then get back to the rehab on monday. my question is this, should i rehab every day or every OTHER day? also, could i put my arm in a sling this weekend so I know i wont use it?

looks like no one wants to respond to my questions anymore…

i dont know much about this but dont put your arm in a sling.

I wouldn’t put your arm in a sling. If anything I’d do some running to get some new blood into the joint. Take a couple advil with your meals and see how you feel in a couple days.

well the only reason i got a sling is so i could wear it to work (cashier at a grocery store), and i wanted to reduce the mobility of my arm because it is very painful. i wore it tonight for about 4 hours.

get a medical exam, get cleared, start a jobe strengthening series immediately upon medical clearance and never stop doing the jobe stuff until your career is over or you find a girlfriend (which will most likely end your career).

also move to another state. that’s the silliest thing i’ve ever heard. where do you live?

i cannot see a doctor at this point because my parents dont have any medical insurance, but they will on feburary 1st, so i’m on my own. i live in florida, and no i cannot move to another state lol.

and i think its possible that i could have biceps tendinitis, but of course i am not sure. not being able to see a doctor sucks, it feels like im being set up for failure.

How’s your diet

well, i’ll be honest, not as good as last year lol. but i still ate whole grains, took a multi vitamin everyday, and a good amount of protein everyday. but i prolly ate more sugary things than i should have lol. but i recently read that vitamin C and A could help speed up the recovery of tendinitis, so im taking a vitamin c tablet everyday, and drinking alot of orange juice along with this drink at my work that has alot of vitamin c and a, along with alot of zinc.

How about some omega 3 fats?

Sorry but every time I see -itis I just default to diet since that is the thing most people don’t follow.

i’ll tell my mom to pick up some fish oil lol

so what do you think i should do until tryouts (jan.14)?

I would suggest seeing the trainer ASAP on the 14th.

Start by taking some aspirin before you go to bed for a couple days but do the fish oil/flax oil for the rest of your life.

If you can manage, try doing band/weight workouts for your shoulders with very light resistance/weights. If the pain increases or things seem to get worse, stop.

Are you sure there is no way you can see a doctor?

well on monday im gonna go talk to the athletic director about going through the schools insurance (just found out about this a couple days ago) and tell him that i injured myself last season and we dont got insurance. but idk if that’ll work. so other than that, no i cannot see a doctor at all.

Too bad you’re not in Canada. I hope this works out for you.

i hope so, man aint this so inconvenient? ive worked so hard, but then it all comes down to this. last year i was having elbow issues before tryouts, and then those problems went away right in time for tryouts. i wish that was the case this time around lol. i think ud call it a miracle if i got better in 8 days when i couldent get better in 7 months. i think ive just been doing the wrong things, because i would always switch my rehab programs because i wasent patient enough. oh well i guess…