lets say i was throwing 75 in highschool and did well but not good enough to get looks from the big colleges and then 4 or 5 years later i would be throwing around 90, ive been playin in a baseball league during this 4 or 5 years, do you think without playin in college that i would beable to get looks from pro teams, just a little scenerio i thought up

Maybe, but the best thing would be going to a Pro try-out camp

anyone else?!

Just got to work a little harder gave you a good suggestion.

If you were throwing 75 in high school and 4 to 5 years later are now throwing 90 that would also make you about 22 or 23 years old. The problem you’ll be facing is that there are a number of college pitchers your age that can throw in the 90s - with some able to throw in the mid to high 90s. Depending on the competition you’ve been facing, these guys more probably than not will have an edge on you since they’ve been facing some good college hitters.

You’ve got a tough road in front of you, but you can still give it a shot. One thing you’ll definitely have to keep in mind…while a try-out camp is an ideal place to “show your stuff”, depending on where and when the scouting camp is held - there will be plenty of guys trying to live their dream in competition with you. Paraphasing an old quote…“Many are called (at least in their own minds), but few are chosen.”

Good Luck.

Baseball is desire, your skill and that desire will take you as far as the levels of both. Remember the movie “The Rookie” was a true story. It can happen…what are you willing to sacrifice to get there? If you continue to read this entire general pitching discussion, you will see most of the people that seem to have the most coaching experience advocate the fundementals, location etc. in conjunction with a good velocity are the physical criteria needed, but a professional ball career is much more than that. Ask yourself what it is you want to accomplish, can your body stand what 162 games a year will put on it? Are you willing to constantly travel? So much more than simply throwing “90”. Even living in the minor leagues is a grueling not-so-lucrative world that spits out the faint at heart.
In one instance that I’m aware of, a catcher that was “A numba 1!” in high school was drafted into a division 1 college program and when he arrived on campus the entre scene just overwhelmed him (He now assists a High School coach).
The world loves an underdog, if you think you can hang the long run…go for it. Just make sure you size the whole thing up.