next year ill b playing my first year of bantam baseball, i didnt make the peewee AA team but that was ok cuz i was one of the few “vets” on the A team so i played way more.
i plan on hitting the batting cages and getting my timing back on for pitchers that will b throwing way harder next season… also the bats get heavier next year so would it work if i took the weaght of the bat and lifted accordingly so the bats wouldnt b so heavy 4 me next year?

While lifting can be beneficial to an athlete I don’t know that it really effects the perception of the weight of the bat.

How old are you? What size bat do you swing now? What size bat will you swing in the near future?

I’m assuming you are fairly young, the size of the bats change because your physical body matures and gets naturally stronger. It may seem heavy at first but since we are talking about the perception of the weight, you will get used to it, it will just take a few cuts and pretty soon it will seem normal to you.

If I were you I would start practicing with your new bat as soon as possible. This will not only help you physically get used to the bat but mentally as well. The more comfortable you are with your hitting tools the better you will hit.

Also, practicing with the new bat will help your muscles to recognize any weight change and your muscles will adjust.

Another thing that might help is swinging with not only your new bat but with a bat that is a little heavier.

yes defiantly. start swinging with your new bat. a great thing to do is swing it in the water while swimming. dont leave it in for long though. mlb players do this to build up muscle

Dont put your bat in the water, that will just ruin the the thing!!

Do you mean a cheap bat? Not an exclusive $300 Demarini right?